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The following companies have agreed to make a donation when you visit their site:

LEXXtech, sponsorer of HungryChildren

Below are some of our clients that make it possible to send donations to our sponsored Hungry Child:

  • LEXXtech™ is a full service Internet design & development company, offering you the latest in web technology with unsurpassed Internet Marketing skills, fiber hosting (OC), and of course, excellent Customer Service.
  • Bosley Real Estate Ltd, Toronto Real Estate, serving GTA. Information on unique Toronto Communities from the people that know it best. Valuable insights on the hidden gems that make neighbourhoods more livable.
  • Tula Yoga Spa, It is our vision to create an exceptional, pristine healing space, an urban oasis within the core of Toronto . Our services include Yoga classes Toronto, Hatha Yoga Toronto, Hot Hatha Yoga classes,  and much, much more.
  • What we offer your children at Peel Montessori School 
  • Peel Montessori School is a private school that offers elementary education, summer camp and home schooling to the children in the Mississauga , Oakville and Etobicoke areas.


Hungry Children Supporters:

  • Patricia

    I am unable to use the Microsoft email service that pops up to ask for information from Hungry Children. I would very much like to send care packages or donations for Barvor. His sad little face has touched my heart for so long. I hope he is well. Please let me know how I can help him best.

    Thank you,
    Patricia Chang

    • zkhan144

      Hi Patricia, thanks so much for contacting us. I’ve sent you an email on the orphanage we’re currently assisting and it would be sincerely appreciated if you can send them a care package – they items they require are small and inexpensive and what ever you can send, they would gladly appreciate.

      Thanks again, Patricia

      • hussain

        I have been visiting this website pretty regularly for the past several months. It’s always nice.
        However, as of today, Friday, May 4th, while using firefox 11, there was a banker trojan dropper. Problem occurs only through firefox, not google chrome on my PC. I am ok though as my system is well protected.
        The intention is not to scare anyone nor scare people from visiting this site.

        You are doing a wonderful job. God bless.

  • today0917

    I’m moved deeply

  • a b vyas

    Well done

  • Giacomo Carmody

    I’m glad your doing this. Helping the most vulnerable is a very noble thing to do.

  • Takaharu Watanabe

    Every things have spiritual meanings ! Live through ! Improve your spirit ! Sparkle your spirit !

  • Narendranath S. Murthy

    Hello Great .

  • Ethelyn Barksdale

    This is fantastic!

  • Pawel Wysocki

    Nothing better than a great initiative!

  • karen

    I love children, I want every child have happy childhood.

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  • ram

    no children in the world miss their happy&everlasting chilhood…

  • Gale1

    Keep up the good work, this is a wonderful thing to do, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

  • Gale1

    I would also just like to say that even though I have been clicking for quite sometime now that this is the first time that I have seen these comments. Would just like to say that I feel that they were to far down to receive much attention which is a pity & should be rectified.

  • Logan Rich

    your kindness makes you beautiful

  • Valerie Hildebrand

    I am very happy to be able to help on a daily basis, thank you :)

  • disqus_8wRvkUnOrN

    I would like to help children, Wish they are happy and warm.

  • bonnie

    happy wish!

  • Guest

    I hope child have a good body

  • fazal mayar

    children are the future, threat them well

  • marilyn byrne graziano

    no child should go hungry we have enough food to feed the world one tng not to do is waste food we cannot afford it.

  • marilyn byrne graziano

    No child ought to be hungry

  • Akash Mehe

    This is for a great cause and I will click everyday. Everyone should.

  • Rina Bhattacharya

    I click daily to make a difference in a child’s life. Every child is a budding flower waiting to bloom and shine with proper nutrition, health and education. This is a wonderful site—an opportunity to help all children.

  • DeadlyRose


  • Dawn

    This is great! I love children!


    children are the future so they say . . . and true to this phrase, children has to be taken cared of, since they will be the next generation of humans after us – they need good shelter, food, education . . . all the basic necessities for existence that is decent enough for them to grow up with proper mind set, psychological maturity and emotional stability . . . this is a great start!

  • Charmaine MacDonald

    What a great opportunity to help feed a hungry child with a click, will be back and also share with others! Thanks to all the sponsors that make this possible! May you all be blessed abundantly for your giving spirit of love!

  • Charmaine MacDonald

    Thanks for the opportunity to help! Sharing

  • Charmaine MacDonald

    Thanks for the opportunity to help! May Allah bless these children abundantly!

  • Timothy Riggs

    house and food and furniture

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