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Name: Sathya

Age: 5 years old

Lives in India








Sathya is 5 years old. His parents died of HIV. He was rescued from the streets in the rural area of Tamil Nadu, South India. He is completely orphaned and he will starting his schooling in the month of June


Your support is greatly appreciated.


Send A Care Package Directly


Create a positive impact by helping to provide essential items to children all over the world by sending practical items they can use, like pencils, notebooks, clothing, etc.

For more information on how to ‘Send a Care Package’ directly to the child, please send us an email requesting more information.


Name: Kamachi (Hannah)

 Age: 6 years old 

 Lives in India 








The name of this child is Kamachi. We call her as Hannah. She doesn’t have her father. Her mother is a poor illiterate. No job. No income. Hannah is six years now. So sweet looking. Dances well. Studious. Also God fearing. She is the smallest of the lot. Doing second class.

She has a long future ahead of her to challenge anything.


6 months old

 Name: Jonathan

 Age: 6 months

 Lives in India







This little boy is Jonathan and he’s just 6 months old. He lives in India and is in need of surgery. He has an 18mm hole in the center of his heart.

Your help would be greatly appreciated as always.

Pushpa means Flower


Name: Pushpa

Age: 5

Lives in India



This little girl’s name is Pushpa. It means flower. She is five years old. Both her parents died of HIV. She is doing her first year of schooling.

  Previously Sponsored child:




Name: JEYA

Age: 2 years

Lives in India


Jeya was recently left at Eden Orphanage in India. She is two years old and need your help. Both her parents are infected with HIV and do not have the means to provide for their daughter. Jeya is also infected with HIV. Kindly pray for her and you can make a small donation or even send a care gift to Jeya at Eden Orphanage.



Hungry Children Supporters:

  • Zahida Khan

    We’re converting website to a blog-style website to allow others to share their comments and perhaps discuss how we can collectively do a little to help those in need.

  • Nick

    Glad to see the site is still in use :) It is also good to see that a new child is being helped, it is helpful for me to see that the site is still being updated and whatnot. Thanks for doing this :)

    • zkhan144

      Hi Nick, we didn’t have the resources last year and were unable to put forth the time needed to update Hungry Children – I appreciate your comment and visit – please share our site with your friends n family :)

      • Nick

        Ahh, well I am glad to see that things are back on track :P I always like to share click to donate sites!

        • zkhan144

          Thank you so much, Nick :o )

  • Michael

    It’s nice to see that this site is still active. I’ll be happy to keep clicking as long as its up.


    • zkhan144

      Hello Michael, as I mentioned above, we didn’t have the resources available last year but we’re back on track :-) Thanks so much for your support

  • Giacomo Carmody

    Man, this is really touching. I hope our efforts can turn this poor person’s life around. Do keep us informed on whatever progress you’ve made so far, as well as your plans for the future. I don’t want to click in vain, after all :P

    • Zahida A. Khan

      Awwww, thank you Kindly :)

      For the future? We would like to help more Kids and build orphanages around the world.

  • Patricia Chang

    Please give us updates on the children pictured. Also, I would like to make a specific donation for Barvor.

    • Zahida A. Khan

      Patricia, that’s wonderful! Would you like to send a care package? Please let me know via email

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