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You can make a difference in a child’s life
… all it takes is ONE click

At HungerChildren.com, we admit that we cannot solve the world’s hunger problems. There are many established organizations that are equipped to assist, educate, and provide long term relationships with communities that are in dire need of proper nourishment, medical assistance and continued education. These nonprofit organization serve their purpose well in helping our Hungry Children and communities around the globe.

Hungry Children’s mission: to assist one child at a time, with YOUR click

- 100% of the donation goes directly to our sponsored child and our sponsoring company,
LEXXtech, matches all donations

So many of us would love to help a needy child

… and so many of us can’t afford it. That’s why we created HungryChildren.com, a site dedicated to featuring one needy child at a time. The money received from your clicks will be given to our sponsored child. This is a simple concept and an easy way for you to contribute to helping one child at a time, to provide food, medication and vital necessity for the child.

We are pleased that the many caring people around the globe are contributing their clicks to assist in our cause … people from Canada, US, Japan, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Finland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Taiwan, Israel, Mexico, Austria, Malaysia, Spain, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, Italy, South Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, Hungary, Cyprus, Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, and Czech Republic.

How can you help? …

You can help our cause by sharing our site with your friends and family. As well, if you make our site your homepage, you are sure to help a Hungry Child daily … all it takes is ONE click — from YOU.

If you host your own website and would like to link to HungryChildren.com, you can use our animated Banner Ad (11Kb). We would appreciate if you could send us an email with your intention of linking to our site; in turn, we will email a written consent giving you permission. When your site becomes a top 10 referring site, your site will be listed in our, “Complimentary Links” page.

If you represent a company and would like to donate to our cause, please visit our “Become A Sponsor” page. As well, any individual could sponsor our featured child by completing our Sponsor page, just click the option, “… don’t have a business…”

Only you can make the difference, and every time you, your friend, or your family goes to our sponsors’ page, “Help A Child”, you’re contributing to our sponsored child.

Thank you for your support,

Zahida A. Khan, Founder of LEXUS Computer Training Inc. (started June 1990 and was sold February 2000) and LEXXtech
Creator of: HungryChildren.com

Kim Shiels, Partner

Kim Shiels is a teacher who got involved with HungryChildren after seeing little Angela featured on the site, November 2000. She worked to get Angela an operation aboard Mercy Ships and has been helping with HungryChildren ever since!


Hungry Children Supporters:

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